Check Engine Light Service

When you sense there is an issue with your vehicle, a full dignostic is recommended prior to initiating repairs. Since a single symptom can point to MANY potential areas of concern – the due diligence of a diagnostic ensures that you are making informed decisions.

For example, the symptom of poor fuel economy can be attributable to a number of origins:

  • Trouble with the fuel system itself
  • Misalignment
  • Improperly inflated tires
  • Failing components of the suspension system
  • Failing components of the cooling system
  • Failing components of the air filtration system

No matter the symptom, with a full diagnostic – we will troubleshoot all possibilities until we are able to convey the heart of the issue. The price of our diagnostic beats competitor pricing; we encourage you to shop around.

*Special note: when you intiate a diagnostic with us, the cost associated is put toward the cost of the repairs you have done on the vehicle when performed or initiated same-day.

When an engine code check is performed, your vehicle is hooked up to a machine that will expose the reason for the “Check Engine” indicator light coming on.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a cracked, missing, or loose gas cap; sometimes its as in-depth as an oxygen sensor needing replacement. We will check the engine code that prompted the light to come on and let you know of options and appropriate levels of urgency.

*Special note: if your check engine indicator is blinking instead of continuously lit, it usually signifies that there is a more serious issue.

Just as you would get diagnosed for a health condition, vehicles get diagnosed for poor to failing performance. The diagnostic process varies from model to model and from newer to older vehicles. With a proper diagnosis, you can come to understand what is going on with your vehicle.

*Special note: beware of shops that will jump right into a repair without enforcing the due diligence that a full diagnostic produces. In those situations, you may find yourself needing to repair one thing after another at a shop that will offer no sound answers or warrantied work. While it is true that sometimes work unrelated to your most recent repair could pop up subsequently… the less you know about your vehicle’s CURRENT situation, the more suseptible you are to be taken advantage of by shops or mechanics that routinely omit due diligence.

Whether you get your vehicle diagnosed by us or another shop, we recommend you take the time to understand exactly what is going on with your vehicle and options you have in relation to the necessary repairs and timeline of urgency. Without the results of a proper diagnostic, we cannot warranty our work.
When an Engine Code Check is performed, your vehicle is hooked up to a machine that will expose the reason for the “Check Engine” indicator light coming on. An engine code check will be checked in that capacity alone and you will receive the simple results that come from the computer. We offer this service for free to our patrons.

When you initiate a Diagnostic, an engine code check will certainly be performed when applicable. However, it would be in addition to the rest of what’s involved in a full diagnostic of your vehicle.


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