The drivetrain’s primary function is to transmit the power generated by the engine to the driving wheels that make your vehicle go.

A typical drivetrain is comprised of the:

  1. Differential
  2. Transfer case (4-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles)
  3. Transmission

Each component requires regular servicing at various intervals.

Repair to one or more of the drivetrain components is not usually necessary so long as the vehicle has been well treated and maintained. That said, preventative maintenance is key to a healthy, long-lasting drivetrain.

  • Shifting into reverse or park when vehicle has not come to a complete stop
  • Riding the clutch when operating a manual transmission
  • Sudden, aggressive starts and stops
  • Operating your vehicle when there is an issue with your cooling system in which heat is not being regulated appropriately
  • Experiencing vibration or shaking especially at higher speeds
  • Engine having difficulty turning at start
  • Strange or burning scent
  • Delayed response in your vehicle to
  • move Check engine indicator light on
  • Transmission indicator light on
  • Strange sound/s coming from underneath the vehicle (screeching, clunking, whining, or humming)
  • Vehicle stubborn going into gear
  • Vehicle will not go into gear
  • Routinely leaking fluid underneath the vehicle
  • Fluids have not been routinely checked or serviced in accordance with your owner’s manual
  • Ensure differential oil changes are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation (typically every 30,000 to 50,000 miles)
  • Ensure transmission fluid changes are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation (typically every 2 years or every 24,000 miles)
  • Engage your emergency brake when parking at inclines and declines
  • Shift in and out of park, reverse, and drive ONLY when vehicle is at a complete stop
  • Never downshift as a means of slowing your vehicle down
  • Allow your vehicle to reach normal operating temperatures before maneuvering aggressively
  • Avoid changing directions when vehicle is not moving


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