Chassis Service

Your vehicle’s chassis is comprised of:

  1. Structural frame
  2. Suspension system
  3. Steering system

Because the latter 2 components are made of moving parts, eventual wear is expected. With the proper use and maintenance, the performance and life span of these moving components can be preserved.

  • Neglecting the suspension for so long that it is operating with little to no grease
  • Shifting into reverse or park when vehicle has not come to a complete stop
  • Subjecting your vehicle to potholes, debri, or uneven surfaces at high speeds
  • Riding the clutch when operating a manual transmission
  • Sudden, aggressive starts and stops
  • Trouble going up hills
  • Loss of accelerating power
  • Engine sounds unstable during idle
  • Vehicle has trouble starting
  • Fuel economy has decreased
  • Steering wheel requires great effort
  • Continuous bouncing after hitting a bump
  • Steering pulls to one side
  • Rapid tire wear
  • Inspect & lubricate twice a year (do we include this in FULL service oil change?)
  • Wait until your vehicle has come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse or park
  • Avoid altogether or slow down for potholes, debri, or driving on uneven surfaces
  • When operating a manual transmission: avoid riding the clutch
  • Easing into starts and stops to allow for less stress on vehicle components


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