Battery Maintenance

Battery life expectancy is subject to brand, size, and model. Any battery you ever purchase will outline a time frame of expected battery life as well as any portion of that timeframe that is to be warrantied. The batteries we use at our shop all offer a ___ year warranty. During that time, if your battery test results come back less than standard, you receive a replacement battery at no charge so long as ____________________.

  • Hot weather
  • Engine’s age
  • Vehicle’s voltage is not well-regulated (often in older vehicles)
  • Not allowing your vehicle to warm up prior to aggressive operation or severe weather conditions
  • Turning the engine on and off frequently
  • Allowing grease and dirt to build up on the top of the battery itself
  • SHeadlights dim during or after vehicle is started
  • Start is slower than usual
  • Vehicle will not start
  • Signs of corrosion on the battery itself
  • Check engine light or battery icon light comes on
  • Interior lights are dim
  • Electronic components of your interior have stopped working (power locks, radio, etc)
If your battery is still covered under manufacturer warranty, we can usually assist in the servicing and claiming of that warranty even if it was not originally installed at our shop. Call us during business hours to learn more about what the process looks like for you specifically.
  • Keep your battery clean, free of dirt and grease
  • Select a battery that is as good as or better than the quality of your vehicle’s original battery
  • Allow your vehicle time to warm up in cold weather for 2-5 minutes before driving
  • Periodically look for signs of corrosion on the top of your battery


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