Alignment Services

When your vehicle is out of alignment, it does not perform at its potential. Other components of your vehicle have to chip in so as to compensate for misalignment. Your tires and all elements of your chassis are at risk if the condition goes unnoticed or neglected.

To prevent this unnecessary wear, be cognisant of how your steering handles as you drive. Even a slight misalignment can cause drastic repercussions over time.

  • Steering wheel vibrating
  • Vehicle pulling left or right as you drive
  • The emblem on your steering wheel off-centered as you drive straight
  • Tires wearing quickly or unevenly
  • Recently drove on rough roads
  • Recently hit an object, curb, or pothole
  • Decreased fuel economy

*Special note: Not all vehicles are designed with passenger cabin air filters; if you have airborne allergens or dust sensitivities and are shopping for a new or used vehicle, check to be sure it’s equipped with one.


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