Air Conditioning Services

In the Vegas heat with no A/C? In the Vegas heat with low performing A/C? Oh, we just cannot have that! If your A/C is not meeting your needs, bring it in for a free A/C check or a full AC diagnostic.

Whether it’s just in need of a refrigerant charge or more in-depth care to be administered to the primary components, we can handle it at Reliable Automotive Repair.

Not only can we fix it for you, but we complete the work at a much lower rate than our competitors and even encourage our patrons to shop around.

This is a visual inspection for relevant leaks, component wear, and/or damage. If this uncovers a certainty that your A/C is in need of repair, a full diagnostic might be necessary.
This is a standard process in which your refrigerant is evacuated, a vacuum test is performed, and then the system is recharged with the appropriate refrigerant. This process is meant to uncover the source of the issue (ie: compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, and/or accumulator.


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